The art of Hosting

Denmark, October 23 – 26, 2019

Eksterns kursus afholdt af AOH Denmark

Training focused on collaborative and participatory hostmanship and practicing the skills of navigating, thriving and standing tall in challenges as they occur. We invite you to join us and to connect with other practitioners, leaders and innovators seeking to build their capacity.

We invite you to join us in Denmark, October 23 – 26, 2019, for an Art of Hosting training focused on collaborative and participatory hostmanship and practicing the skills of navigating, thriving and standing tall in challenges as they occur. We invite you to join us and to connect with other practitioners, leaders and innovators seeking to build their capacity.

This training is open for everyone, especially individuals and groups who want to mobilise others to be part of sustainable changes that work for all. It is for those who want to be able to ‘walk-the-talk’ in challenging times. Come and join us for a 3 day training in The Art of Hosting & Harvesting Conversations that Matter, a practice that shows us how to bring the potent collective intelligence into play whenever we are inviting others to a project, meeting, workshop or conference. You will gain a deep insight into the mindset behind participatory hostmanship and practice participatory skills while exploring the concept of how to use ‘cracks’ to create wise and peaceful transformation.

The Calling Question


Our calling question is inspired by the Leonard Cohen song “Anthem” where it says: “There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” What did this philosophical poet intend to say with such a powerful analogy as a crack? Is it a reminder of opportunities in the potent interplay of darkness and light in our lives? Is it to remind us of the imperfect and that in every relationship and system lies the opportunity for beauty and change? Is it an encouragement to act on the cues we get to create new paths? What cracks do you experience in your own life and work and on a global scale? We will be investigating these questions in a lively heartful and hands-on atmosphere through our learning journey together.

This AoH training will help you stand in the ‘cracks’ or even meet the ‘crisis’ with stamina, knowing how to invite, how to host meetings that get results and how to plan the next steps in a collaborative way where all voices are heard.

Cracks appear in our personal and professional lives all the time — between individuals, in smaller groups and on a systemic, even societal, scale. We don’t always notice them. Sometimes we consciously ignore them. But when we have the courage and power to explore and work with them instead of against them, they can lead to small shifts that hold the seeds for powerful transformations and become an invitation for others to start joining in.

What are the Tools You will Learn and Practice?

We offer you an opportunity to experience and integrate powerful tools such as World Café, Open Space, Designing for Wiser Action and Circle work, which are often used in the field of green transition and peace-making around the world. With these tools you will be able to offer any group of people a platform to share their highest potential. We’ll also be looking at how your own personal practice can give you a strong foundation for your work in, and for, the world.

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Who is the Training for?

The training is for you if:
you are tired of meetings that don’t work, where people seem not to hear each other or leave frustrated
you feel that meetings could contain more wisdom but don’t know how to bring it out
you know that our cultural challenges begin in the way we deal with each other and you’d like to gain some skills
you experience communities marked by consistent lack of dialogue falling into apathy or indifference and you feel like doing something about it collaboratively
you are looking for ways to bring in all voices and refocus differences into a strength

Who are we inviting?

Managing directors & senior leaders
Project Managers & team leaders
Changemakers, artists, storytellers and journalists
External & internal consultants
Those working in NGOs or community
Teachers, school-leaders and administrators
Students and youth leaders
Citizens from all walks of life

Your hosts throughout the training
On the hosting team we are thrilled to have the internationally recognised Story Activist and Art of Hosting steward Mary Alice Arthur (US),Helle Solvang (DK) who is a cultural, ‘green’ entrepreneur and well known radio host from DR (Danish National Radio) and Eike Schmidt (SWE) who has a Master in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability and works full time as a facilitator. As the seasoned harvester we have Jakob Kohlbrenner (GER)

They will, together with a team of other skilled practitioners, inspire and encourage you throughout the training and offer you advice, support and networking after the training to help you exploit your potential.

Where does the training take place?
Our venue is Brandbjerg Højskole & Conference Center near Vejle, Denmark. This training is residential. The Center is situation in Jutland and has a good reputation especially within education, and for sustainability and service. The kitchen is mainly organic and the profile is green. It is spacious and built around a beautiful old manor-house surrounded by forest and fields. Participants can choose between single and shared rooms at the venue (all rooms have their own bath and toilet). We will send more precise information and travel instructions closer to the training.

Address: Brandbjergvej 12, 7300 Jelling, Denmark

Have a look at the website where we are happy to answer any questions 

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We are hoping to see you in Denmark!



Brandbjergvej 12
7300 Jelling
Telefon(+45) 75 87 15 00
Mandag til Fredag: 9.00 til 15.00

Brandbjerg er en del af HØJSKOLERNE

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