Introduction to KlugeStrickArt – udsolgt

Annette Wiegand (Tyskland)

KlugeStrickArt is based on short rows, and there are a few basic rules, that have to be kept. Don’t be afraid to let the knitting develop itself – it will be good. You can create pictures or any kind of clothes – your phantasy has no limit. KlugeStrickArt can be knitted with any kind of yarn. There are no stitch-by-stitch instructions for KlugeStrickArt. Logic and experience are important skills to realize your own designs.

Please bring:
Sock yarn, 420m length, with color gradient or two different colors that fit each other, 2 circular knitting needles with fitting needle size, one crochet needle (hook), pen and paper for your notes.
In this course we’ll start to knit a pulse warmer (wristlet) to learn the technique.

You will learn some basic knowledge for this kind of work:
The start row as crochet cast-on, to be able to knit in both directions.
The double stitch
To interweave start and end threads
The sense of the marking safety pins’
The different kinds of border stitches

Annette Wiegand will teach in English